Celebrity Anti-Text and Drive Articles

  • Oprah's No Texting CampaignOprah Writes About the Dangers of Using Cell Phones and Texting While Driving
    Read more: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/End-Distracted-Driving#ixzz243JQtYEG Since 1980, the number of annual traffic fatalities due to drunken driving has decreased to under 15,500 from more than 30,000 in 1982. But in recent years, another kind of tragic story has begun to emerge with ever greater frequency. This time, we are mourning the deaths of those killed by people talking or sending text messages on their cellphones while they drive.

  • More Celebs Say NO To Texting While Driving

  • Welcome To Text Free Driving TV!
    Text free driving TV launches a new webisode every Tuesday and is full of resources, stories, facts, figures and behind the scenes info about the text free driving movement. Get involved and join us every Tuesday for the newest info!

  • Texting Thumb Bands
    Jordin Sparks, the Jonas Brothers, Jason Derulo and a bunch more of today's hottest stars are sporting their TEXTING KILLS thumb bands in support of "no texting while driving" campaigns. Now it's your turn! Grab your thumb bands while they last!

  • Celebrities to Push Driver Safety to Stop Texting and Driving
    LG Electronics recently enlisted the help of ISU alumnus and current “Glee” star Jane Lynch to battle the texting while driving war. In addition, the Jonas Brothers joined Allstate Insurance to encourage youth to pledge not to text while driving.

  • Sharon Osbourne Backs Anti-Text-And-Drive Ban After Car Crash
    Sharon Osbourne is supporting a ban against texting and driving after causing a severe road accident while using her phone. The rock matriarch has now backed the ban after coming face-to-face with the real dangers of multi-tasking.

    On Tuesday (13 Dec, 2011), America's National Transportation Safety Board called for the passage of a new bill, which would outlaw the use of phones while driving.