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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and AAA
Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety - Distracted Driving

Official U.S. Department of Transportation website for Distracted Driving
"Distractions in Everyday Driving" covers both the obvious and not so obvious distractions that can get a driver into trouble or even a crash. Tips and best practices are covered to help all drivers manage the multitude of distractions with which our society and technology have made commonplace.

Accompanying Video "Faces of Distracted Driving"
Distracted Driving Brochure (2012; 12 pages; Adults; Attitudes)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Policy Statement and Compiled FAQs on Distracted Driving

University Study

Supertaskers: Profiles in Extraordinary Multitasking Ability One common form of multitasking involves the concurrent use of a cell phone during driving. Consistent with the attention literature, research has demonstrated that driving performance is significantly degraded by cell phone conversations.

US Police Departments/Law Enforcement

San Antonio, TX Police Dept.

Austin, TX Police Department - Law Enforcement Partners' Page

The NY State DMV will impose two points on the driving records of those who have been found guilty of driving while using a cell phone for offenses committed on or after February 16, 2011.

Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) - Cell Phone and Texting Law This chart outlines state distracted driving laws. 39 states, D.C., Guam and the Virgin Islands ban text messaging for all drivers. All but 4 have primary enforcement. An additional 5 states prohibit text messaging by novice drivers. 3 states restrict school bus drivers from texting. Some localities have additional regulations. Enforcement type is shown in parenthesis.

City of Ithaca, NY Police Department
Ithaca Police Department Awarded $19,440 In Grant Funds - Ithaca Police will focus this grant enforcement on Speeding Violations, Red Light Violations and Distracted Driving, to include illegal cell phone use and texting while driving. These efforts will also be achieved through roving patrols, safety checkpoints and multi agency enforcement.

Washington DC Texting Laws