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"If You Want To Listen To Your Emails While Driving And Reply With Your Voice Theres An App For That"

TXTn Drive Pro allows you to be a responsible driver and stay connected by reading your email messages to you as they are received. To respond simply dictate your reply. Its completely hands-free and that easy to use! Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with this innovative technology.

Compatible with all mobile carriers, Txtn Drive also works with any hands-free devices such as speakerphones, Bluetooth headsets or built-in car systems.

*Standard messaging rates apply to auto-reply messages.

Available on Android
Available on Blackberry
Available on the iPhone Appstore

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Our Benefits

  • Makes the roads safer by preventing distracted driving
  • No typing required- just SPEAK!
  • Allows commuters to stay productive
  • Doesn't slow down your phone's performance

Our Features

  • Listen to your email messages and reply with your voice
  • Read emails from most web providers
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Compatible with all mobile carriers
  • Works with any hands-free devices