The National Black Church Initiative Launches its Anti-Texting and Driving Campaign with 500,000 Church-Based Teens (pdf 103kb)
Calls on cell phone carriers to install anti-texting technologies
The mission of the Don't Text While Driving campaign consists of three critical objectives:
  1. to educate high school and college students about distracted driving
  2. to discourage texting while driving
  3. and for young people to tell their peers that texting and driving is unacceptable and dangerous through anti-texting YouTube videos.
The National Black Church Initiative Supports Ban on Cellphone Use During Flights (pdf 155kb)
Removing the current ban will encourage bad behavior at 30,000 feet in the air and is a recipe for chaos
What Happens When You Text and Drive
African-American clinical experts Dr. Diane Kern, PhD and Dr. Samuel Gordon PhD discuss the science behind teen texting and driving.

No text message, e-mail, website or video is worth the endangering your life or the life of others on the road.
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Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens

Despite the risk, the problem of adults texting while driving is getting worse, according to a recent survey.Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens - infographic
For more information and for resources on educating yourself and your loved ones about the dangers of texting and driving, please use the resources listed below:

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