Dr. Diane Kern, Ph.D.

Dr. Diane Kern, PhDDiane Kern, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

She possesses an extensive background of therapeutic and life coaching skills with a broad range of populations. Through her Happy & Healthy U Seminar Series, Dr. Kern integrates her expertise with her philosophy related to empowering others by enhancing life management skills and achieving greater satisfaction. Dr. Kern combines well researched concepts, such as Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence to encourage increased self awareness and change that lead to desired personal growth and life balance.

Her approach to therapy involves empowering persons to better understand themselves and acquire the tools to heal and make desired life changes. I utilize a combination of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapeutic orientations in my practice. Consistent with an emphasis on empowerment is a wholistic focus on total well being. She promotes balance across all personal dimensions (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social).

Dr. Kern's life coaching practice draws from a similar wealth of psychological knowledge, however, with more of an educational emphasis. She facilitates the acquisition of problem solving and success orientation skills, aimed at enhancing personal empowerment and life satisfaction.

Her therapeutic style is active, warm and engaging. She also fosters increased self-awareness and both internal and external resource building. One of Dr. Kern's specialities is helping persons strengthen a sense of self, in terms of clarifying identity, enhancing self-esteem, increasing self-trust, and building on and utilizing inner strengths.

In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Dr. Kern provides life skills workshops to groups in a variety of settings. The emphasis in such forums is to de-mystify issues related to mental health and promote the skills and resources that support mental wellness.